Who should use this form?

Existing Westpac business customer wanting to register for Online banking.

This process can be done on the spot at your nearest Westpac branch if all the signatories can visit the Westpac branch to sign any documents.

If all the signatories cannot make it to the branch, it will take up to 24 hrs to activate your online banking services from the date we receive your registration form.

What do I need to do?
  • Provide your Westpac business details
  • Nominate administrator(s)
  • Print the form
  • Get it signed by all the business owners
  • Take the signed form along with your personal ID to your local Westpac branch.
What details are required?

You must have all of the below mentioned information to complete the form.

Your Business details (Network details)

  • Customer number and business name
  • Address for online banking communication
  • Primary business email for eStatement notifications
  • Existing Westpac account which will be charged for your online banking fees.

Note: You can register without a billing account but will be unable to perform a transaction that incurs a fee until you have nominated a billing account through online Administration.

Administrator details

Your network administrator must be an existing Westpac customer.

You must nominate at least 1 administrator during registration. However, you can add up to 2 administrators during registration.

For each of your network administrators the following information must be provided.

  • Customer number and full name
  • Date of birth
  • Contact details (mobile & email)
  • Security device selection

(An administrator will require a security device to access online administration.)