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Logos of Westpac and BT

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As Westpac's wealth expert and one of Australia's leading investment managers, BT has been helping Australians invest since 1969 and has more than $130bn in funds under administration. And as part of the Westpac Group, you have access to a stable of expertise, market-leading brands and capabilities, to help you prepare for your best financial future.

Invest how you want, when you want

BT Invest is a new way to invest. It gives you access to intelligent technology, tools and experts to help you easily set up, track and manage your investments
- no matter your level of skill or wealth.

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You're in charge and can choose your investment options from as little as $1000, with easy access to your money when you need it.

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Important things to consider before you invest

Before you consider investing through BT Invest, it is important you understand the risks that can affect your investment. Generally, these are:
- Risks associated with using BT Invest.
- Investment risks associated with the investments you access through BT Invest.

Common types of risks involved

  • Investment risk: The value of your investments held through BT Invest may be influenced by movements in global and domestic market exchanges, international currencies and interest rates. Adverse movements could result in possible delays in repayment of withdrawal proceeds and loss of income and principal invested.
  • Investment specific risks: An investment in a managed portfolio option or managed fund which has exposure to an entity that is listed on a stock exchange may be affected by unexpected changes in that entity’s operations (due to quality of management, use of technology, etc.) or its business environment. Similarly, an investment in a managed portfolio managed fund option may be affected by unexpected changes in the fund’s operations or by changes in investment management personnel. (For more information see the 'Performance' section in 'Investing with BT Managed Portfolios')
  • Managed portfolio risks: The likely rate of return and the risk of losing money are different in respect of each managed portfolio option, as different strategies carry different levels of risk depending on the mix of assets. Each managed portfolio option therefore may or may not be appropriate for your individual circumstances. There is also risk associated with transaction timing. Generally the managed portfolio option you choose will not be rebalanced more frequently than once per business day. There is a risk that the responsible entity managing your portfolio may not be able to process rebalancing instructions from the investment manager immediately on receiving the instructions, leading to a potential divergence from the return on the investment manager's notional portfolio. This can occur for a variety of reasons, including illiquidity.
  • Term deposit risk: There are some specific risks to investing in term deposits: Term deposit interest rates are fixed for the term of the investment (until maturity), and as a result you are protected from any fall in interest rates for that term. However, you will also not benefit from interest rate rises that occur during the term. Early withdrawal of term deposits will generally result in a waiting period before the term deposit proceeds are paid to you. An interest rate adjustment may apply if you or we terminate the term deposit before maturity (including if you close your account).
  • Tax risk: The tax impact of your investments will depend on your personal circumstances. You should seek your own professional taxation advice in relation to your investment.
  • Changes in tax and other regulations: BT Invest has been designed based on the current regulatory environment. If those regulations change, the value of your investments may be adversely affected.
  • BT Invest operational risk: The risk that administration, computer and supporting systems may not always work as they should. The effective operation of BT Invest (that is powered by Panorama) depends on the integrity of our systems. However, there is a risk that these systems may not be available or operate effectively in certain circumstances. We take risk management seriously, and have procedures in place that are designed to reduce the risk of systems not working effectively and to respond promptly should problems arise. However, you should be aware that not all of these risks can be foreseen.

This summary sets out the general risks associated with BT Invest and investments accessed through BT Invest. It is not an exhaustive list of all the risks of investing. You should refer to the BT Invest Investor Guide and the disclosure documents for the specific investments available through BT Invest (including the PDS for BT Cash and BT Managed Portfolios) to better understand the risks of investing. These disclosure documents, can be found here.